Last weekend, a close friend of mine got married. It was the legal mariage at the City Hall. The religious vows will be shared next Spring.


This wedding was not about a friend getting married. It was more a tale of survival. I was in awe at where he got with as little we had when we were younger.

Hard work, persistence and a deep kindness led him to be where he is. And we still have a long way to go. Thisn wedding is about the union of two people who have struggled in life and decided to do it together from now on. It’s about unity. How to build a future together. How to aim high as one. Today, I wouldn’t be able to afford a photographer for my own needs. My friend neither.


What I really appreciated is that he was respectful enough not even to ask me. My brother, a common friend, shared his worries. I gladly accepted and was well rewarded by how grateful they were when they got the pictures. It was an honor. Hopefully, the photographer they will hire for the religious exchange of vows will put in some great work.

Davon Henry Photographer

And the good part is that I really had fun. I did what I like the most : get into people’s intimacy with my lense. To get the idea, you can even check Déborah’s impromptu brithday by Davon Henry.

The day went smooth. Alain and Charlène managed to get a great day with very little budget and “a great time with friends” as their main priority. Congratulations. Félicitations for your union and may you keep on aiming high.



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