Last Friday, Dorothy, the owner an amazing Gallery, Dorothy’s gallary, in Paris invited the guianese organization Mo Isi, mo rot bo, which mean “I’m here and I’m on the other side”.

5X5A3889This was the occasion to discover French Guiana through a very detailed documentary. 5X5A3882 5X5A3883Maurice Tarcy, a Guianese painter also had an exhibition in the gallery. It was the occasion to chat about what led him to paint and some of his not so common techniques. He uses different types of materials to create relief on his paintings. 5X5A3894 5X5A3901 5X5A3904 5X5A3908 5X5A3911 5X5A3923 5X5A39285X5A3972Myrtho, the chef who prepared the Bami, the accras, the kalawang and other sources of happiness took the time to explain how, a male dancer CANNOT refuse the invitation from a Touloulou (the masked female dancer) during the carnival afterparty. 5X5A3947 5X5A3954 5X5A3973 5X5A3984 5X5A3997 5X5A4013 5X5A40425X5A3966For more photos, you can check my Facebook page Davon Henry Photography or my other blog posts Davon Henry Blog.