Once again, last night was a blast. If you don’t know what Afroxploitation is about, check out the previous posts about Afroxploitation here.

To sum it up, it is the opportunity for creatives to meet in a safe place hosted by Kristell Diallo (singer and communication manager), Léonce Henri Nlend (actor and stage director) and myself.

Last night, we were blessed with singers. It was hard to miss Grégoire Chery, always dropping a joke when he is not singing. Grégoire Chery will be singing live on May 21. Check out his Facebook page for more info : Grégoire Chéry.

It was the occasion to meet Borelson Freeman AKA B4 who will also release his latest EP. Meet him on May 4th. More info on Borelson aka B4.

Andrea Elessie, also singer is holding her musical project for the big release. She trusted Joseph Biley, one of the heads behind WeDevGroup, also present… but you’ll hear more about all this very very soon.

The stage and cinema industry was well represented. Our host, Léonce, of course, but also Nicolas Soumah and Myrna Lafare who made the surprise at the last minute had a fruitful exchange.

When it comes to creation, Valérie from Loony Ka, Florence, painter and jewel creator, and Agnès who is great at connecting artists, blessed us with their presence.

Vanessa, Edwin, Jessica, Lameck, Jalil, Aziz… it’s hard to name everybody but it was a great time once again.

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I know I usually focus on content rather than on people. Well, all the content was shared on the spot. It is hard to share all the projects and fun on a blog post. So, Save the date for the next event : 18 mai 2016, at the same address. This session will be part of the Moca, the month dedicated to African Cultures organized by Alain Bidjeck. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

To know more about the Afroxploitation project, check out and like the Facebook page Afroxploitation. Your support helps the project grow.

For more pictures, you can check out my blog posts or head to my Facebook page : Davon Henry Photography. Let’s keep in touch.



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    Gregoire Chery

    Davon , Davon , Davon
    Ce gars il est magnifique son imprivasation fait de lui un Photografe exceptionnel ou je dirais très rare dans son genre,il a toujours son doigt sur son bouton au bon moment, mes félicitations tu as fait du bon boulot cher ami.

    Peace love

    • 2

      Merci Grégoire pour ton soutien qui m’est précieux. Tu oublies de mentionner la qualité du travail que tu produis toi-même. Il faut dire aux gens d’aller t’écouter : https://www.facebook.com/cherygregoire/

      Merci en tout cas, je suis fier d’avoir le soutien d’un grand artiste et ami comme toi.

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