As part of my project, I value education. Some of my friends even make fun of me : “are you ever going to leave school ?”. I understand why the school system may be excluding to the people who would need it the most. In this project, I will recollect some of events happening, most of the time open to the public.

These conferences are a different ways to gain knowlege without the pressure of passing a test, without being a mere recipient of knowledge but also discuss and question our education.
I am particularly interested in questions of representation in cinema and litterature.

If you are planing on having a conference or a talk, feel free to contact me so that we can see how we can work on your communication. While I chose, for a matter of visibility to display issues that are underexposed, I have photographed all sorts of conferences in very challenging conditions. Feel free to contact me to see how I can help either through your favorite social media Twitter @Davon_Henry or Facebook : Davon Henry Photography.
You can also directly send me a message through my contact page : contact Davon Henry.

When I found out about the ADEAS (the African Student Union of La Sorbonne) and their amazing project, I fell compelled to help them communicating about their event. We found an agreement in which I would document their regular conferences issues related to race in France and other countries. It quickly grew popular as it is one of the rare spaces where such a taboo could be discussed in France.
You will find some photos. They are all part of photo series. The best way to have a photo story of the individual events may be to look at the individuals blogs posts on Davon Henry conference photos.