Despite the image that is given abroad, France is not all about the baguette, the Eiffel tower and love.
For quite a lot of people, the experience is actually more about oppression, struggle and adoption of survival tactics.

In this project, you will find excerpts from events where people decided to take arms and revolt. I want to pay a visual tribute to the people that I consider should be part of history and will certainly be in the future. The people who decided to take action against a colonial and supremacist system in which people of color are only tolerated as second rate citizens. The Nat Turners, the Sojourner Truths, the Boukmans, the Louvertures, the Bonis, the Maroons of today.

All the victories for civil rights have been won through struggle and resistance.

While the revolution will not be televised, I do not doubt that it might be captured with a camera.

Woman celebrating (Paris, October 2015)