Last night was blessed with the second edition of the Afroxploitation Afterwork (third if we count the launching barbecue party). Afroxploitation is a new way to gather artists in Paris. Using Basquiat’s crown as an identifier, the project aims at the uplifting and networking of an active community of Paris. It was the occasion for me to have great chats with musicians, actors, singers, djs, business owners, marketing consultants, nutritionists, photographers, etc.

Kristell and Léonce are behind the project

The quality and diversity of the people there was amazing. I quickly met the founders of Be Wonder. Be Wonder is an upcoming company working on providing cosmetic  products for black women.

You can follow the Afroxploitation project on their Facebook page : Afroxploitation. For similar events, check out my Facebook page : Davon Henry Photography.

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