Rain Bath

Twenty four hours. Twenty four freaking hours. That’s the time we spent under the rain. It felt sooooo good ! That’s the most suprising part.

It rained non-stop as it usually does during rain season in Guyane. We have been paddling all the way through. So our bodies felt warm, comfortable. The water was just there to make sure we stay hydrated. The mist created paintings in front of us, trying to erase the Montagne de Kaw mountain from our view.

Of course, now and then, a few boats would pass us, but there was no heavy traffic as there usually is on that side of the river. People stayed home rather that braving the wet weather. Only the birds would warn the forest that human beings were on their way. Not quite silently. Frogs were being busy anyway.

1,2,3, 4 and… change seat… 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. The rythm was set. Our bodies were like a hip hop choreography limited to one move every twenty stride. It still worked. We still did it. 30 miles on the water with the strength of our arms, our abs, our backs, ou smiles. It felt good. It felt wet. It felt warm. It felt natural. It felt like Guyane.





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