Afroxploitation Paris #8


Last night, Afroxploitation was a success again. By now, you must be familiar with the concept of Afroxploitation. If not, check out the photographs of Afroxploiation #6, Afroxploitation #3 or Afroxploitation #2, it will give you an idea.
To sum it, you get creatives who got together to work together and build projects together. I just stay around to create a visual memory of the work initatied by Kristell Diallo and Léonce Nlend. I fell in love with the project (the Basquiat crown used as the emblem of the project sold it to me). So I joined the team and Carole Doumbé added the missing spices.
What’s new then ? Well, this edition included a speed dating in the first minutes of arrival to make sure that everyone gets to talk to everyone at least once. Then the chat goes on around a drink.                            
You can support the project with a like on Afroxploitation Facebook page.
Your support is also a great encouragement in posting similar projects. Check out my photography page Davon Henry Photography, like, share and feel free to ask any question there. I will also post similar upcoming events.
Afroxploitation goes on during the summer. Stay around as the next dates will be announced soon.

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